A perfect Stanbrook Abbey Wedding

Yesterday was my first Stanbrook Abbey wedding of 2023 and it was a massive one! I first met Martin and Zevena at a Stanbrook Abbey open day and we hit it off straight away, they were so much fun to chat with and had so many great ideas for their big wedding day! I am so pleased they booked me to be their Stanbrook Abbey wedding photographer.

Bride and groom confetti being thrown at their Stanbrook Abbey wedding

Booking your Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Photographer

Their requirements for the day was to book me for our wedding and video package, which is great because that means we had complete creativity for the whole day! We offer both wedding photography and video packages because it is an effective way for us to make the best of your big day. If you want to find out more about our wedding photography packages you can check them out here on our page.

Bridal preparations at Stanbrook Abbey

I first arrived early to fly the drone around stanbrook and it was stunning the sun was shining the birds were singing it was just the perfect weather for a wedding. After photographing stanbrook Abbey and the grounds I first arrived to meet Zevena at the bridal house. This is a great little cottage where the bride and her bridal party can get ready at Stanbrook Abbey for their wedding, it has rooms for everything and I highly recommend visiting our Stanbrook Abbey wedding Venue page for more details and more photography examples of this beautiful place.

Groom prep at Stanbrook Abbey

We then met Martin in the groom room where I had some help from the amazing Paul Hickey who is a new addition to our photography team. Martin was so chilled and relaxed! he and his groomsmen were such a joy to work with. Martin was smiling constantly throughout and I could see he how much he just wanted to marry Zevena!

Secret Garden wedding services

After this we were able to photograph the Abbey in its full awesomeness! I have to give a big massive shout out to secret garden wedding decorations. Wendy and her team are just amazing at their job and every time I am a Stanbrook Abbey wedding photographer, I know that when they are decorating the venue it is going to be a great one to photograph! As you can see here they had trees, an arch, white petals scattered down the aisle, and candles, everything you could want for the perfect wedding ceremony at stanbrook Abbey! I highly recommend looking these guys up if you want top class service for your wedding decorations for the day.

The ceremony inside the Abbey

The ceremony was just beautiful with some amazing readings from family and friends. However, the best bit was when Zevena surprised Martin by shouting at the top of her voice at the back of the Abbey “Hey babe, do you want to get married!” This was brilliant and the comment absolutely raised the roof with laughter and cheers! Here are some images from their Stanbrook Abbey ceremony.

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding photographs

Straight after the sermon it was full tilt party time and the sun was beaming down on everybody which was great because people were able to sit outside and just chill out and have fun for the rest of their day. I love being a Stanbrook Abbey Wedding photographer because there are just so many opportunities to take the perfect shots and to capture any couples perfect day. Here are some shots from the rest of their wedding day.


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