Lyde Court wedding: The force was with Kat and Scott

The awesome Lyde Court Wedding Venue!

Arriving at Kat and Scott’s wedding I knew it was going to be an amazing day! Firstly, they were star wars fans and were having some cosplay actors spending all day with us! Secondly, their big day was held at the awesome Lyde Court in Hereford. I love being a wedding photographer at Lyde Court, simply because it is a stunning venue with so many amazing opportunities for great shots!

After speaking with Kat, I met her dad Dave outside and he informed me of the viking fire show that would be on show during the evening entertainment! This of course, made me even more glad that Kat and Scott hired me to be their Lyde Court wedding photographer, Thanks so much guys!

Here is a picture of me surrounded by the awesome Poi Passion Performance Art Group, who were the Cosplay characters for the day. I felt Like I was 10 years old again! ha ha!

Bridal preparation at Lyde Court wedding venue

Getting Ready at lyde court is always a perfect experience, especially for me as their wedding photographer, due to the white rooms, and loads of sunlight beaming in from the windows of the house. On top of that there are so many quirky and interesting decorations placed around, that I always feel spoilt for choice when shooting pre bridal prep. Here are some shots from the preparations with Kat and her bridal party.

It was also great to work with some super talented make-up artists and hair stylists at this wedding! Hair was created by Pure Hair Worcester, and make-up by Ruth Starkie (MUA). They helped the morning run so smoothly! They were relaxed, and funny which is a great combination! I highly recommend these both if you are looking for professional hair and make-up for any occasion!

Mandalorian time at Lyde Court!

Scott arrived a bit later and got ready in the groom area, and then headed straight for the bar, of course after making sure everything was organised and running to schedule! Scott did have some help Kylo Ren directing guests to where they needed to go! The Mandalorian was also there to lend a helping hand, but he kept giving Kylo some funny looks, so we had to separate them!

Lyde Court wedding venue

Lyde Court will always be one of my favourite Herefordshire wedding venues! It was just perfect for Kat and Scott to have their enchanted wedding experience! built amidst the scenic beauty of the Herefordshire countryside, this distinguished venue blends rustic charm with historical elegance, and was just perfect for all that KAt and Scott had planned! The focal point is the magnificent 17th-century stone barn, exuding an aura of timeless grandeur with its exposed beams and traditional architecture. The court’s versatile layout offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing couples to tailor their celebration to their dreams.

The surrounding gardens, meadows, and orchards provide a picturesque backdrop for ceremonies and receptions, while the meticulously restored interior spaces offer intimacy and warmth. With its captivating blend of history and natural beauty, Lyde Court stands as a sanctuary where wedding moments become cherished memories. I highly recommend visiting if you are considering getting married somewhere amazing!

Lyde Court Ceremony

The ceremony was outside and went like a dream! Walking into to Lord of the Rings theme music, was just perfect, and Kat looking stunning as she walked down the aisle to greet Scott who was ready to welcome her with open arms. It was so lovely to also see the registrars getting involved in the theme of the wedding, as one ended the ceremony with “May the force be with you!!” which gained a welcomed cheer from the crowd!

After this the guests went out to on the grounds of Lyde Court to have drinks, canapés and to also meet the Star Wars characters to get some shots with them! And of course, I had to get a shot myself! I felt like a kid again! So happy! Ha ha!

Poi Performance Art Group: Star wars Cosplay everywhere!

One of the most amazing things about Kat and Scott’s was how much they had thought about their wedding and how to add their personalities to their day. One was was of course, star wars! and they found an amazing company, Poi Passion (Performance Art group) who were just super talented at what they do! The cosplay outfits were top quality, and they blended in as if we were spending the day in Tatooine and not Lyde Court! I especially loved the violinist playing the Star Wars theme tune! I highly recommend these guys if you are also looking to add a little something different to your wedding day

One of a kind Speeches at Lyde Court

Another highlight for me was the speeches. They had it all. Laughter, tears, and of course star wars characters watching over the main table! Scotts speech especially had us all in tears, when he spoke so passionately about loved ones, which I don’t think anyone expected. Lyde Court is such a beautiful place for speeches with the lighting, candles and high barn walls making it all that much more special.

Kat and Scott also decided to book their DJ with the awesome IllumiNight Disco. He is a resident DJ at Lyde Court and was so supportive of all the photos we wanted to take on the stage before he set up. I recommend dropping him a message if you are looking for a Lyde Court DJ!, Or even somewhere else as he does do other venues.

Ending the day with a viking themed fire display!

Poi Performance were not content with just the Star wars cosplay! They were also booked to perform a one of live viking themed fire display! This was epic! No other word will do. For me, this was a first. I have seen sparklers on many weddings, but never a full on fire show! To make it that much more special for Kat, her dad Dave was part of the show and opened up with brilliant fire display on his own! Here are some shots form the display. Again, if this is something you would like on your wedding day I highly recommend checking out Poi performance! They are amazing!

Booking your Lyde Court Wedding Photographer

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Thanks, Aaron.(Incircles Photography)

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