Before we discuss pricing, I believe it is important I talk about why it is better to see your wedding photography as an 'investment' and not just a booking for your big day. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and the memories you create during that special occasion are something you'll want to cherish forever, so you are going to need someone who can deliver that and to a high professional standard.

Here are some key reasons why I feel it is important to invest in me as your wedding photographer and why just booking me for a package is not the whole story. If you are all ready convinced, and just want to visit our prices then head below for our most popular packages. However, if you are still wanting to find out more. Here is why investing in a good wedding photographer is so important.

I know how to capture those important and precious moments

I have spent the last 8 years creating and developing my skills. As a skilled wedding photographer I have the ability to capture candid and emotional moments throughout the day. From the exchange of vows to the first dance and everything in between, a photographer can document these moments in a way that allows you to relive the emotions and joy of the day whenever you look back at the photos.

I produce High-Quality Professional Photos

As a professional photographer I have the expertise, experience, and high-quality equipment to capture stunning images. I know how to work with lighting, composition, and angles to produce photos that are far superior to snapshots taken by amateurs or guests. I am trained in all these aspects of wedding photography and value all the different ways these are important to my couples.

I am a good Storyteller

As a wedding photographer I know it is vital that I can tell the story of your special day through your photos. I always begin and end with images that can capture the details, emotions, and interactions which make your wedding unique, providing you with a cohesive and consistent narrative of the entire event.

This is my main job!

Professionalism and reliability is so important to me as this is my main income source, so I am very serious about doing my best! There are many part time wedding photographers out there which is fine, and I was one for a few years, as I developed my craft waiting carefully for the day I knew I was confident enough to go all out and make this my main job! Hiring me as your professional wedding photographer ensures you have someone dedicated to capturing your day. I am punctual, prepared, and able to handle any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the event, and trust me, those moments happen all the time! You need someone who can handle pressure when it matters the most.

I have a creative and Artistic Perspective

As a wedding photographer I love bringing me artistic vision and style to your photos, creating unique and beautiful images that reflect your personality and the essence of your relationship. My background comes from special needs teaching, where I was constantly having to evaluate how I could be creative and engage my students in learning. I am proud to say I have embedded those skills into my wedding photogrphy and I just love applying creativity and originality to my images!

I know how to Cover All Aspects of a wedding day

I also know from the start of the day, the crucial aspects of a wedding to cover, including not just the ceremony and reception but also the details, decorations, venue, and candid moments during preparations and celebrations. I know how to cover all areas of a wedding, even those you may not have thought about or even considered.

Less Stress for You

When investing in me as you wedding photographer you are getting a professional, you and your guests can fully enjoy the day without worrying about capturing every moment. This allows you to be present and focus on the joy of the celebration.

Post-Processing and Editing

After the wedding, I also know how to meticulously go through the images, select the best ones, and edit them to enhance their beauty and aesthetic appeal. Whilst also backing up them up on the day and when I get home, on many hard drives and cloud storage! I also have professional equipment that stores all images taken on the day on two separate camera cards. So, you wont have to worry about your images! I have them covered, they will be safe and secure from the moment they are taken.

Overall, investing in a wedding photographer is a decision that will reward you with timeless, beautiful memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Of course, before investing in me as your wedding photographer, please do take the time to review my portfolio, read reviews, and meet with me to ensure my style and personality align with your vision for the day. Remember, you only get one chance to capture your wedding day, so hiring me as your professional wedding photographer is a wise investment in preserving those precious memories.

Newlywed bride and groom stood in rain under umbrella with flash behind them

Wedding Photography Prices

All of our wedding photography packages are designed to cover your needs whether you would like full coverage from pre bridal preparations or  just before your ceremony. We can also offer bespoke packages, so please do get in touch if you would like something different to our packages below. We tend to book up quite quickly so please do get in contact to discuss booking your wedding with us well in advance.

We also produce a limited number of wedding videos each year. You can visit our film page here.



10-12 hours coverage

1 photographer

From getting ready until 8.30pm

Unlimited images

All images professionally edited

Online gallery

Digital images download




7 hours coverage

1 photographer

From ceremony

Unlimited images

All images professionally edited

Online gallery

Digital images download


So far so good?

Once you've had a look at my relaxed style of wedding photography and packages. Use the form below to get in touch and see if I am available for your date! - Thanks Aaron

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