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Worcestershire wedding photographer - Aaron Yorke

We are a family run business with me as principle photographer and Jayne my awesome wife as our studio manager. We made the 'jump' back in 2016 to create our West Midlands Wedding Photography business and yes it is scary sometimes, but so worth it! Our approach to photography is natural, relaxed and fun! We believe that the best job we can do is to capture your moments as they happen without being in the way. We simply document the day, and add a little creativity in the mix to create images that will leave you smiling for many years to come!

We thrive on making couples experience of incircles efficient and effective from the moment of enquiry through the booking process and do all we can to help get you ready for your big day! We stay in regular contact with you as we understand the importance of communication and thrive on always being available to you when needed.

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10 lesser known facts about me

1. I used to be a Special needs teacher and gave it up to pursue my photography career

2. I have a border collie dog called 'Billie Butt-Kiss' inspired by Rocky's dog.

3. I am a quirky person with a little bit of  ADHD in the mix, which to be honest explains so much about me and why I can create the images I do 🙂

4. I love bird watching and can often be seen at weddings looking around during down time! the best bird I have spotted at a wedding was a spotted fly catcher at Dumbleton Hall!

5. I am also a singer songwriter and was once awarded BEST in the West Midlands and got to support Leona Lewis and Mcfly. I still write and produce today when I am not at weddings, something I love to do.

6. I don't like exercise but know that I need to do do it! I once joined a gym and jokingly said to the lady who signed my up "See you in 6 months!" I actually never went and cancelled after 8 months

7. I used to play Ice Hockey for Solihull, but kept injuring myself too much, so I had to give it up due to all the weekend weddings I do.

8. I have a cold tub in my garden which I love to use! I get a lot of my inspiration from the awesome the iceman!

9. My favourite food is crisps. Simple. I just love crisps.

10. I have tinnitus due to all the gigging I used to do, so if you see me walking around on the dance floor and I don't respond it is usually because I have my sound cancelling ear plugs in!

Worcestershire wedding photographer - Aaron Yorke

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