Another perfect Rowton Castle Wedding!

Gwen and Ayaz were married yesterday at the beautiful Rowton Castle. It was such a great day I had to share some images because this wedding has now officially put me in the Christmas spirit! Firstly, Thanks guys for hiring me to be your Rowton Castle Wedding photographer, it was an absolute pleasure!

Getting ready for the big moment!

I met Gwen and Ayaz over zoom after they found me on fearless photographers, and said they loved my creative style of photography. So, I only met Gwen in person on the day. She was getting ready in the tower house at Rowton Castle. The house was decorated beautiful and I could feel the Christmas vibe growing inside me. The excitement of this time of year, I just love especially working in weddings. They are so magical int he winter. Here are some images from the bridal preparations.

Rowton Castle Wedding decorations

The castle was designed so beautifully. Everywhere you look there were Christmas trees, tinsel, candles, and open fire places. There were moments I just had to sit down and take in the environment. It is such a relaxing place to get married. Abi and her team were so welcoming and helpful all throughout the day and did an amazing job. Here are some shots of this spectacular wedding venue.

The wedding ceremony

This moment was just perfect for Gwen and Ayaz. The guests were great, and everybody was so excited that the moment was finally here. The room was filled with happiness and love, and I could see Ayaz couldn’t wait until Gwen was walking down the aisle. The best moment for me was when they both read out their own vows. So lovely to hear what they wanted to say to each other. Here are some shots from the ceremony.

Rowton Castle Wedding photography

I have been a wedding photographer at Rowton on a few occasions, and I just love being here! There are so many places to photograph and capture special moments throughout the day. Although, this was a December wedding and it rained all day, we still managed to capture some great photos. Here are some shots from throughout the day.

Booking me to be your Rowton Castle Wedding Photographer.

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Thanks, Aaron.(Incircles Photography)

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