A Beautiful Fairytale Wedding at the Forest of Arden

Bride and groom walking on the golf course at the Forest of Arden

Amos and Maya were married recently at the beautiful Forest of Arden Hotel and Country club and it was such an amazing day, I just had to blog about it! Beginning my journey to the venue, I soon found myself driving through the scenic pathways leading to the esteemed Marriott Forest of Arden Hotel and Country Club. With every twist and turn, I was reminded why this location remains one of my favourite wedding venues for couples looking for one that just has it all!

Forest of Arden Wedding Film

Here is a short clip form Amos and Maya’s wedding film.

For a little more info about the Forest of Arden, it is surrounded by 10,000 acres of ancient woodland and free-roaming deers, the Delta Hotels by Marriott Forest of Arden Country Club is the perfect wedding venue location in the West Midlands. The hotel is also within easy reach of the NEC Resorts World Arena and boasts one of the most famous golf courses in the UK. Well worth a visit if you are considering getting married in West Midlands!

Bride and groom looking at each standing on the Forest of Arden Hotel and Country Club golf course

Getting ready at the Forest of Arden

I have no doubt that for Maya and Amos, this day was the biggest party they will ever throw! So to multiply the anticipation, excitement, and jitters by a hundred, that’s what it must have felt like for them, gearing up for their big day. Thank you, Maya and Amos for hiring me to be your wedding photographer at the Forest of Arden! I had a blast!

As their day approached I am sure there was the whole “OMG, is everything in place?” panic. Did the dress come back from alterations? Is the makeup artist confirmed? What about the hair stylist? (The one stuck on the train from London, only 2 hours late!). Hats off to Maya for being so calm and understanding of this situation. I guess a little anxiety on the morning is always a good thing! ha ha!

On the day itself, it’s like a whirlwind. Many brides are up at the crack of dawn. It’s not just about slipping into a dress. Think of it as a glam transformation that takes hours. But it’s not all glam and drama. There are also those beautiful quiet moments: Maybe a heartfelt letter or a gift exchange with the groom-to-be, teary moments with family, or just taking a deep breath with bridesmaids and really soaking in the moment. For me, one of these was seeing Amos and his mother spend a moment where she put on his bow tie. Such a lovely moment to capture (See below!)

I am always aware as a wedding photographer, that throughout all the morning preparations, emotions are HIGH. Excitement, joy, anxiety, maybe even a mini meltdown or two (because let’s be real, the pressure is on). Plus, in between, there’s laughter, some champagne sipping, tons of photos, and a constant stream of “You look beautiful!” from everyone. And then… the moment comes. All the prep, all the fuss, and it’s time to walk down the aisle. ???? All in all, it’s chaotic, emotional, intense, but also incredibly magical. It’s a rollercoaster of feels, and it’s a day many brides remember for the rest of their lives. ???? Here are some shots from Amos and Maya getting ready for their big moment.

Wedding Ceremony at the Forest of Arden

Amos and Maya chose the Arden Suite for their vows. With its tall windows allowing the golden sunlight to filter in, the room was aglow with a magical radiance. Maya had chosen white as the theme and the room looked stunning! This wedding was a busy one with 200 family and friends all attending in excitement of being a part of this awesome celebration!

Now this was no traditional wedding ceremony! It was packed with dancing, live music, praise and worship, everything you could imagine for a wedding of this magnitude! Amos entered like no other groom I had seen this season, dancing with his mother as they walk down the aisle. Then came the bridesmaids, all with their own special moment as they enter the room. Then, Amos couldn’t hold back his tears as Maya walked down the aisle with her grandad. Wow, what a moment. The room was silent, you could hear a pin drop. It was a beautiful moment, soon to be filled with more dancing and cheers, and celebrations! The big moment had arrived and Amos and Maya wanted to shout about it! The vows were heartfelt, the laughter genuine, and the love palpable.

Reception Revelries in the Arden suite

The reception was held in the Arden suite, however first they had to turn the room around so we all went outside for some photos, and a chance to celebrate more with Amos and Maya. Taking full advantage of the Forest of Ardens beautiful scenery backing onto to the golf course, we were able to get some great family and friend shots.

Moments to Remember on their Forest of Arden wedding day

The Arden suite was soon ready for the wedding breakfast, Amos and Maya had chosen to do their first dance and have speeches before and during food. This was understandable because of the amount of people that wanted to speak on their big day! The speeches were many: full of laughter, tears, funny jokes and serious moments. After the first dance, guests then sat down and celebrated with food and music.

Just before the evening was set to commence, we had time to go out onto the golf course to get some shots. At this wedding I was fortunate to have Katie who is an amazing wedding photographer and she really helped to make the day run smoother, as we were filming as well as taking photos so thanks Katie for all your help! The sun was just perfect for us during this time and we were able to film and photograph some beautiful moments, away from the fun and celebrations, just the two of them.

Signing off

​Thanks for reading Amos and Maya’s blog. Their wedding at the Forest of Arden wasn’t just a celebration of their love but a testament to the timeless beauty of this enchanting venue. What a great day we had! it was perfect from start to finish. If you are getting married at Forest of Arden or even somewhere else in the West Midlands, then I would really love to hear from you! You can contact me here to arrange a free online consultation or just arrange a phone call to discuss you day and your wedding photography requirements. ​

Or, If you just want to get some more tips and help with your wedding photography you can check out my blog on wedding photography tips here.

Thanks, Aaron.(Incircles Photography)

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