Creative wedding photography ideas

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Pre bridal preparation

I wanted to write a blog giving you some creative wedding photography ideas. To begin with, I want to share some tips on getting ready in the morning. This is the perfect time for photos and is a great opportunity to have some images taken of you and your bridal party.

Free up the space

Tidying is the last thing you may want to think about when getting ready for one of the biggest moments of your life! However, thinking about keeping the space tidy is so important to help get those clean and lovely photos. A messy room is ok, but it isn’t as pleasing on the eyes. So this tip is a great one to take on board. Free up that space to get the best shots. Here are some examples of creative wedding photography ideas for getting ready.

It is all in the details

To get good detail shots of your dress, shoes, jewellery etc, remember to have them ready before you are going to get into your dress so that you have the opportunity to have some epic detail shots. I usually ask for these first, so thatI can go off and take shots before starting with you.

Go towards the light!

Window light is perfect for taking goods photos. I love natural light and if I can access it the photos I can produce are simply stunning. I understand that sometimes you can’t access window light, and that’s ok because I use off camera flash to compensate so don’t worry if natural light is limited. I share this as a tip because window light is always the preferred option! 

Create a mood board

Another great tip is for you to use Pinterest or Google to look for image inspiration. Collect images together and then email them over to your photographer. This is a great way to help us to get ready for your wedding shots. It helps to know what you are thinking of and what style of images you like.

Add a little creativity to your wedding photography

I love to add a little creative flare to my photography. Hopefully, you have already seen some of the image sI love to create. Here are some examples of what I can produce for you on your day.


Thanks for viewing this blog. I hope it has inspired you to come up with some ideas for your wedding photography. If you are deciding on getting married somewhere near in the Worcestershire or West Midlands , and looking for a photographer, I would really love to hear from you. You can contact me here to arrange a free online video consultation or just arrange a phone call to discuss you day and your wedding photography requirements.

Thanks, Aaron.

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