Thunder and Lightning Wootton Park Wedding!

I love being a Wootton Park Wedding photographer and this wedding was one of the best there in 2023! I first met Martin and Sharon at one of the Wootton Park Wedding open days and we hit it off straight away! I could see that their day was going to amazing and I couldn’t wait to be a part of it! Thanks guys for hiring me to be your Wootton Park Wedding Photographer.

One of my favourite wedding photos if all time!

Before I talk about Martin and Sharon’s awesome day, I just wanted to share this picture. Although the weather was forecasts as rain all day, we did not let that get to us, and made the most of the short moments where it was dry so we could grabs some shots before the heavens opened up. It is every photographers dream to capture real lightening in a shot and its never easy! The rain had briefly stopped and I wanted to take a shot of Martin and Sharon on the hill with the clouds in the background. We had little time, and I had to think on my feet. So. I shot in 25fps, and hoped for the best. I heard the thunder, and hit the button and wow, when I looked back I was so happy see for a brief second, the camera picked up some fork lightning! Here is the shot. A one in a million shot for Martin and Sharon to cherish! I am so happy with this.

Wootton Park wedding bride and groom standing on a hill

Wootton Park Wedding Venue

Before I blog about Martin and Sharon’s day, in case you are here from a recommendation or would like to know more about Wootton Park weddings, you can visit my dedicated Wootton Park Wedding page here

A wedding at Wootton Park is not just an event; it is a magical journey filled with love, joy, and unforgettable moments. From the initial preparations to the final dance, every aspect of the day is expertly crafted to create a dreamlike experience that the couple and their guests will cherish for a lifetime. Martin and Sharons wedding is the perfect example of this! It was perfect in every way!

I love Wootton Park because of how well everyone is looked after! The couples, the guests, the food, the catering. Its all just so perfect and makes every wedding I do there a pleasure to work! plus I always get fed amazing food, which is always a blessing!

Getting Ready at Wootton Park

Martin and Sharon decided to get ready at Wootton Park , and I always love when couple choose this option as both the bride and groom now have their own designated areas where their groups can get changed. Brides and grooms are pampered in luxurious and beautifully appointed areas, where every detail has been meticulously designed to provide comfort and to help keep couples calm and relaxed. Of course, it also helps that Wootton Park is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Warwickshire countryside adding a touch of serenity and tranquility, creating the perfect ambiance for relaxation and preparation.

The Hayloft

Sharon got ready with her bridal part in the ‘Hayloft’ which is where I began my day. As always it is an encouragement to me to see that the awesome ladies from Trust Salons were doing hair and make-up. These guys are true professionals, and regulars at Wootton Park as their salon is on the premises. I highly recommend checking them out for all your hair and make-up!

Groom preparation

Martin got ready a bit later on in the morning in the grooms preparation room. This place is a proper lads den! It has a pool table, darts board, and even a dedicated barbers chair to get ready in! Here are some shots of Martin getting ready. If you are interested in finding some ideas on getting ready as a groom you can check out my blog post on groom preparation ideas here.

Wootton Park Wedding Outdoor Ceremony

Yes it was raining, and the ceremony was so close to having to be inside. However, Martin and Sharon were adamant that the decision was made right at the last moment, and I am so happy they did! So in true Wootton Park style, all guests were given umbrellas, and we all had our fingers and toes crossed that it would stop raining just long enough for them to have their dream outdoor wedding ceremony. Thankfully, it did and with only some small showers Martin and Sharon were able to have their Wootton Park Outdoor Wedding!

Wootton Park Wedding Day

After the ceremony, the heavens opened and we spent some time inside the venue until it briefly stopped just enough time for us to have some family and friends photos. Martin and Sharon did not let the weather ruin their day, and everyone was happy to be inside and outside whenever they were needed for photos, and to have some drinks out on the back lawn looking over the beautiful countryside. Wootton Park is such a relaxing place to be, and I really enjoy all it has to offer, even when the weather is not on our side, I always find places to take great images! There are just so many places we can go come rain or shine!

The reception area at Wootton park was decorated so beautifully with real flowers, and a hint of purple throughout. The room looked stunning and the flowers were awesomely created by Allyson from Bloomery.

A surprise wedding gift and my favourite moment of the day!

Martin had told me about the first dance a few months prior to the day. They had worked so hard to prepare and had managed to keep it a secret from their family and guests. However, what made their first dance even more special was that Sharon had recently been recovering from a major knee operation. Despite this they were both still going ahead with the dance, and wow, what a moment! I loved it! The dance was just flawless. Hats off to both of them for doing this. It was a real treat for all of us watching on.

Wootton Park Wedding Photography

I am proud to be a part of the recommended suppliers for Wootton Park and it is a real pleasure to be photographing and filming weddings here each year. Martin and Sharon’s day went so fast! and I loved every moment. Their family and guests were so happy and supportive around the weather, so we were able to capture some great shots! We had been booked for video as well as photography, and I was lucky to have alongside me Jo, to help take some amazing photos! Here are some shots from the middle of the day, in between the rain and sunshine! Here are some images from the day.

Wedding Videography Wootton Park

We can also provide you with Wedding videography at Wootton Park as we take on a limited number of films each year. Here is a clip from Martin and Sharon’s film for you to watch. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to find out more about of videography information. You can check out other films here.

How do you choose a good wedding photographer at Wootton Park?

To choose a good wedding photographer in the Wootton Park, start by researching photographers with experience in wedding photography and whose style aligns with your preferences. Look at their portfolio, read reviews from past clients, and schedule a meeting to discuss their approach and pricing. Choosing someone you feel comfortable with and who can capture the essence of your special day is essential.

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