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Wedding at Hogarth’s Stone Manor: A Photographer’s Tale

As a wedding photographer, each wedding always presents its own moments and emotions within picturesque settings. One such unforgettable wedding for me recently was Steve and Lee-Anne’s wedding at the stunning Hogarths Stone Manor in Worcestershire. I am a recommended photographer at Stone Manor and I just love sharing weddings I have captured there!

Pre-Bridal Preparation at stone manor

The day began with me photographing Lee-Anne and her bridesmaids in one of the hotel rooms. The pre-bridal preparations are always filled with anticipation and lots of laughter! Capturing Lee-Anne and her entourage getting ready was a delight. another bonus was how well the sun was helping us capture some amazing photos as it shone through the window, creating a soft glow perfect for photography. Here are some candid shots of them getting ready. Thanks also to the awesome hair and make-up artists who did an amazing job! Make-up was done by Danielle Quirk artistry.

The Ceremony room at stone manor

The ceremony itself was a beautiful time, set against the backdrop of Hogarths Stone Manor’s gardens. Lee-Anne and Steve chose the Drey room, which is situated inside the hotel. This was the perfect room for them because this was a winter wedding. Although Stone Manor offers a beautiful outdoor ceremony option, their inside rooms are also perfect for any wedding! The room was beautifully decorated by The wedding House with Flowers by Bewdley Blooms.

I loved photographing their confetti shot outside the stunning Stone Manor, which was really effective, and their guest’s size was just right for me to set this up outside. Here are some shots from outside.

The Rest of the Day

The rest of the day at Hogarths Stone Manor unfolded perfectly for Steven and Lee-Anne! The reception blended elegance and fun, with heartfelt speeches and laughter. One of the great joys of photographing weddings is capturing the unplanned, spontaneous moments. A gentle touch, a shared glance, laughter at a shared joke—these fleeting moments are what make each wedding special. Their reception was set in the gorgeous garden room and decorated by the awesome Wedding House.

The Sunset Shoot at stone manor

As the day progressed, we were gifted with a spectacular sunset, a perfect opportunity for a beautiful couple shot on the grounds of Stone Manor and the golden hour provided a soft, warm light that enveloped the couple in an almost ethereal glow. With the stunning landscape of Stone Manor as the backdrop, the image was a true reflection of the beauty and romance of the day.

Getting married at stone manor

Photographing a wedding at Hogarths Stone Manor in Worcestershire is an experience I will always cherish. The venue’s stunning beauty, combined with the genuine emotions and love shared by the couple and their guests, made for an unforgettable day. As a photographer, my aim is always to capture the essence of the wedding—the joy, the love, the fleeting moments—and this wedding was a beautiful reminder of why I love what I do. Every time I look back at the photographs, I am transported back to that day, filled with beauty, love, and joy.

thanks for reading Steve and Lee-anne’s stone manor wedding blog!

​Thanks for reading Steve and Lee-Anne’s blog. Their wedding at Stone Manor wasn’t just a celebration of their love but a testament to the timeless beauty of this enchanting venue. What a great day we had! it was perfect from start to finish. If you are getting married at Stone Manor or even somewhere else in Worcestershire or in the UK, then I would really love to hear from you! You can contact me here to arrange a free online consultation or just arrange a phone call to discuss you day and your wedding photography requirements. ​

Thanks, Aaron.(Incircles Photography)

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