The Joys of Being a Second Shooter

The Joys of Being a Second Shooter

Yesterday, I stepped out from behind the lens to share a little bit of my own adventure experiencing – the joys of being a second shooter! While I love being the main wedding photographer at weddings, there’s something inherently special and fun about playing the role of a second shooter. I was supporting Paul Hickey from Once in a lifetime photography. Paul is fellow photographer buddy who I totally admire as an amazing and creative photographer! It was such a fab day working together and also watching him ‘do his thing’ while I took a different perspective to capture behind the scenes footage. Let’s dive into the magical world of the “supportive sidekick” and explore the captivating journey of a second wedding photographer.

Stepping into the Being A Second Shooter

My first job was to capture Michael and his groomsmen getting ready as Paul was with Catherine the bride and her bridesmaids. Being the lead photographer at a wedding is an incredible honour and responsibility. You’re right there in the thick of it, capturing the significant moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. However, switching to the role of a second photographer brings a fresh perspective and a surge of creativity that’s just as thrilling and rewarding! Here are some shots from Michaels preparations.

I found a new Freedom of Creativity!

There are many Joys of being a second shooter! After the groom prep I travelled to the Malvern Priory church and met up with Paul. As the second shooter, I found myself embarking on a photographic playground where I was free to capture those unexpected, off-the-cuff moments. It’s all about snagging shots of the joyful laughter of friends and family, as I looked around for the extra moments. I am usually at the front of the church capturing the bride walking down the aisle. Today, I was at the back, and had some wiggle room to play and be a bit creative! Here are some shots from the church. It’s these raw, real, and radiant moments that add a delightful dimension to the wedding album.

A Different Perspective

Being a second photographer allows me to see the wedding from unique angles. While Paul was snapping the “I do’s” and the first kiss, I was roaming around, capturing the reactions of the guests, the nervous foot-tapping of the groom, or the proud smiles of the parents. This role lets me add a beautiful layer to the wedding narrative, telling a more comprehensive and intricate story of love, happiness, and togetherness.

Deer Park Hall wedding celebrations

Michael and Catherine celebrated the rest of their day at Deer Park Hall in Pershore, Worcestershire. This venu is stunning! and is well known for its beautiful rural setting and stunning views. It is situated within a deer park and offers a picturesque backdrop of the Malvern Hills, making it a desirable location for weddings. The natural scenery and well-maintained grounds providing ample photo opportunities, and the peaceful ambiance of the countryside definitely contributed to a romantic and memorable wedding day! Here are shots I took while Paul was busy working his magic!

The Joy of Collaboration

One of the aspects I love most about being a second photographer is the sense of teamwork. Working alongside Paul offers a chance for learning, growth, and mutual support. It’s a fantastic way to exchange insights, techniques, and creative ideas, helping both photographers shine and deliver an exquisite array of photos that the couple will adore. One moment was when Paul was setting up for the large group shot. I went off with Catherine and Michael to capture them with the deers in the field. Such an awesome experience!

I had such an awesome day!

In essence, while being the lead photographer is a journey filled with marvellous milestones, the voyage of a second photographer is dotted with delightful discoveries, creative freedom, and the joy of capturing the unseen, unscripted, and unexpected moments of magic. Both roles are unique, beautiful paths that intertwine to create a stunning tapestry of memories, love, and celebration.

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