Delta Hotel Forest of Arden Wedding

Married couple standing on a hill. The groom is holding a toy Thor hammer to the sky, and there is lightening coming out of it!

“My partner is a viking fanatic!” That’s the first thing Maz told me when we first met, and as soon as I heard this I knew that this was going to be a perfect wedding for me. Thanks Maz and Blue, for hiring to be your Delta Forest of Arden wedding Photographer, I had a blast!

Delta Hotels Forest of Arden Wedding Photography

I first turned up at the forest to photograph the bride Maz in her room with her bridal party. Rey from Rekha Hair and Make-up did an amazing job. It is the first time I have worked with her, and she is a really talented artist. Well worth checking out. Maz and Blue were getting married in the Arden Suite, which for this wedding was decorated by Bee Nees. The love signs in the room, were provided by the always awesome Sound Kicks. I definitely recommend checking out sound kicks if you do want love signs for your wedding, oh and they also do LED dance floors, DJs, and so much more.

The Arden Suite

Here are some getting ready shots with Maz and also when Blue arrived already dressed and  he chose to chill in the Zest Bar, having a few drinks with his friends and family before his big moment.

The Arden Suite Ceremony

Here are some shots of the ceremony. I love these first images capturing Blue as he waits for his future bride to walk down the aisle. The whole ceremony was full of laughs and smiles and you can just see how well suited and in love these guys are. They are perfect for each other.

After the ceremony we all got together for wedding photo group shots outside the front of the Forest of Arden. Phil Taylor, a fantastic magician arrived and was entertaining the guests as they waited. He did a great job and is a very talented magician.

Downtime with some Axe throwing!

The afternoon was filled with fun and lots of laughs! One of the highlights for me was the axe throwing provided for their guests. This was amazing, and provided by Timberjacks Club who are well worth checking out. They arrived in their truck which had the targets on a wooden wall surrounded by a cage. I just had to take shots of Maz and Blue throwing the axe’s so I created the composite shot you see below. I could have stayed in the cage, but I am not sure that would have been a very good idea! ha ha!

We also walked around the golf course grounds before the evening celebrations began. Here are some shots of Maz and Blue relaxing around the grounds of the Forest of Arden.and also some of with studio shots we also took. For this wedding I provided my mobile studio which is something extracouples love to use.

THOR, God of Thunder!.

I just had to end the day with this shot. Blue was excited when I brought over my Thor hammer to use to create this image for them. It was perfect in every way and I just love tocreate these types of photos for couples at weddings. How awesome does this look, “Thor! God of Thunder!!”

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