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Groom wedding photography

Groom waiting for his bride to enter the Arden Suite at the Forest of Arden

Groom wedding photography

Making sure I capture the groom’s personality

The groom wedding photography is such an important part of the day for me. In this blog I want to share some tips on how to get the best groom wedding photographs. Before I start photographing the groom, I like to take some time to get to know him. This helps me to capture more natural expressions in the photos. I also look for moments when the groom is interacting with family and friends or just enjoying himself on his special day. These candid shots can be some of the most meaningful images for the groom wedding photograph.

I also use lots of different ways to engage the groom with photos, for example asking him to do something that reflects his personality, such as a funny pose or facial expression. This helps to break the ice and ease any hidden anxieties. When photographing the groom getting ready I try different perspectives to get unique shots. I can take photos from above, below, or even from behind for interesting compositions.

Black and white images work great for the groom!

I love black and white images and use them throughout every wedding day. I especially love black and white groom wedding photography. For me it adds a really nice mood, and can really compliment the groom. Here are some shot examples that I just love!

Capturing the details

I always look at photographing all of the details that make up the groom’s look on his big day. This includes his shoes, cufflinks, watch, tie, and any other accessories he may be wearing. So, a good tip is to get these ready so that I can take photos if these straight away. I think capturing details is so important. It really compliments the rest of the grooms wedding photos.

Using natural light

Natural light is always best when photographing people because it creates a softer look than artificial lighting does. If possible, I try to position the groom near a window, or open door so I can take advantage of natural light streaming in from outside.

Have fun during groom prep!

I try to make photographing a fun experience for the groom. That’s why my main approach to photographing is relaxed and fun. I focus on reducing anxieties especially during groom prep because I know this can be a stressful time, and this can show up on photos. To prevent this, I like to joke around as this ease tension and always gets a smile or two.

Arrive early to the ceremony

As the groom, their wedding day is a special and important occasion. I always advise to make sure that they are prepared for any unexpected moments, and a good way to avoid issues is to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony. This also gives me time to get some shots before everyone arrives. I also suggest to delegate jobs such as putting out programs, sitting people when they arrive, and getting people together for the photos once you are married.


​Thanks for reading my groom tips wedding blog. If you are getting married somewhere in Worcestershire or the West Midlands, then I would really love to hear from you! You can contact me here to arrange a free online consultation or just arrange a phone call to discuss you day and your wedding photography requirements. ​

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