What to expect at a Worcestershire Wedding Fayre

Attending a wedding fayre is an important step for those who are about to tie the knot. A good wedding fayre aims to give couples inspiration, access to pre-planned wedding packages, and the opportunity to meet vendors. We have attended wedding fayres over the year as exhibitors, so I wanted to write a blog to help you with what you can expect at a wedding fayre.

Meeting suppliers

Wedding fayres offer couples a chance to interact one-to-one with wedding professionals. This gives couples the opportunity to discuss their ideas directly with those qualified to make them happen. From caterers, wedding photographers and venue managers, to florists, transport suppliers and entertainers, they will all be there. You can to take advantage of free samples or discount offers not available elsewhere, so don’t forget to ask if there are any on offer! We always offer package deals so feel free to check out our packages here and drop us an email to see if we have any deals going at the moment.

You are free to get inspired and take in all the ideas on offer

Another good tip when attending a wedding fayre is to try not get too stressed. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the different photographers, flower displays, cakes, tableware settings, chair covers and other decor ideas when attending. Just try not to panic! It’s important for couples to know that it isn’t necessary for them to commit immediately on the spot. Instead you should use this as an opportunity to gather more information about their various options before making any decisions on products or services for their big day.

Plan Your Day At Home

Before visiting a wedding fayre make sure you have put together some kind of checklist or idea list that details everything you’d like answered while attending. Knowing what you want ahead of time will allow you to get more out out of your visit. Remember, that wedding professionals specialise in specific things you need to help you with having a successful wedding day.

Stone Manor wedding photographer took this shot of a bride and groom kissing while her bridle party stands around them

Try to visit every exhibitor

Make sure you check out every exhibitor during your visit at least once, after all first impressions might not tell the whole story. Engaging with suppliers is key in understanding what they have on offer, or if they can help create something unique for your special day! Look around carefully explore each supplier’s portfolio before deciding yes or no. Remember that each supplier can be offering something new that could surprise you!

Gather Promotional Materials

Show bags from exhibitors usually contain coupons and promotional materials. Gathering promotional items at every booth gives you info for costs which is especially useful when attempting to stay within budget! The wedding fayre organiser may also include special offers in these documents which could potentially save you money whilst incorporating the look & feel that best suits your perfect day. They could surprise you!

Set up a separate email address for your wedding

My final tip, is to set up an external email address where suppliers can contact you. This is great because you can keep organised with who you are contacting, and stay on top of everything. Then, you can simply delete the email address after you are married.

Need any other info?

thanks for reading my blog, and I hope it has helped to begin your wedding journey. Want to ask me some more questions about wedding photography, or find out when my next wedding fayre is? Please feel free to contact me here as I would love to help if I can!

Thanks, Aaron.

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