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Award Winning Birtsmorton Court Wedding Photographer

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Birtsmorton Court in Birtsmorton, Worcestershire

Weddings at Birtsmorton Court

Birtsmorton Court, nestled in the heart of Worcestershire, offers an unparalleled enchanting backdrop for weddings, making nuptials magnificent. A historic moated manor house, it provides a glorious setting for both the ceremony and reception. Ceremonies typically take place in the awe-inspiring Great Hall or the exquisite White Garden, while receptions are held in the Garden Room, offering panoramic views of the beautiful grounds. Offering exclusive use of the venue, couples can relish and rejoice in uninterrupted privacy. Birtsmorton Court also offers superb accommodation facilities, featuring a selection of room types to cater varying tastes and needs. The lavish Bridal Suite, located in the Manor House, is perfect for brides and grooms, while guests can enjoy a comfortable stay in the charming Moat Cottage and Garden House, each meticulously furnished. Facilities at this location include ample car parking, a dedicated wedding coordinator and full bar facilities, further enhancing the wedding experience. In addition to the majestic main buildings, the charming courtyard and impressive moat complete the idyllic setting. Catering to both intimate and grand celebrations, Birtsmorton Court seamlessly blends historic charm with modern comfort. This makes the venue a preferred choice for countless couples seeking a special, unforgettable wedding.

The History of Birtsmorton Court

Birtsmorton Court, a historic wedding venue located in Birtsmorton, Worcestershire, can be traced back to the 13th century. The origins of the venue date to the reign of King John, when it was first built as a feudal manor house surrounded by a moat. Over several centuries, the venue has seen various architectural modifications and refurbishments, integrating both Medieval and Tudor influences in its design. The Court was owned by notable families throughout history such as the Nanfans, Bishops, and the Dawes family. The most profound transformation occurred in the late 16th century, orchestrated by Giles Nanfan who added the famous Great Hall and Front Hall, giving the court a majestic air of grandeur. The house was lovingly restored in the late 20th century by Major and Mrs. Dawes, following a period of neglect during the post-war era. Today, Birtsmorton Court serves as a sought-after venue for weddings due to its rich history, picturesque gardens, and extraordinary architectural beauty. Winners of multiple awards for their wedding services, Birtsmorton Court offers a timeless backdrop to nuptial celebrations. Each corner of this historical site narrates stories of its glorious past, adding a surreal and romantic ambiance to any celebration held within its walls. The history and allure of Birtsmorton Court truly make it an iconic wedding venue in Worcestershire.

How To Find Birtsmorton Court

Birtsmorton Court is an idyllic wedding venue nestled amidst the tranquil countryside of Worcestershire, situated in the quaint village of Birtsmorton itself. This charming location is just a stone’s throw away from the picturesque Malvern Hills, offering an enchanting backdrop for any matrimonial event. The venue is conveniently located near major road links, including the M5 and M50, ensuring ease of access for all attendees. Despite its rural setting, it’s a mere 8 miles to the city of Worcester, offering urban accommodations and amenities for guests, and ensuring Birtsmorton Court truly offers the best of both worlds.

About Birtsmorton

Birtsmorton is a quaint and historic town located in Worcestershire, England. Known for its traditional English charm, the town is home to picturesque landscapes and a tight-knit community. One of the main attractions is the Birtsmorton Court, a moated medieval manor house, making the town a destination for history buffs. The surrounding landscape provides nature trails and walks, which regularly attract hikers and nature enthusiasts. The town has a well-preserved architectural heritage, marked by the 14th-century St. Thomas of Canterbury church. Birtsmorton is revered for its peaceful lifestyle that encapsulates the tranquil spirit of the English countryside, while also providing easy accessibility to the bustling cities of Worcester and Gloucester. It delivers an idyllic setting for those seeking to experience the quintessential charm of rural England, imbued with a deep sense of history and natural beauty.

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How much does hiring a wedding photographer at Birtsmorton Court cost?

The cost of a wedding photographer varies based on your venue’s location and factors like the coverage, the photographer’s experience, and what’s included in your chosen package. Contact potential photographers to get a quote that fits your venue perfectly.

What Season Is Best For A Wedding At Birtsmorton Court?

I recommend booking your wedding photographer at least 12 to 18 months before your wedding day. This is especially important if you’re planning to tie the knot during peak wedding season or have a specific photographer in mind, as top photographers can book up quickly. Booking early also gives you ample time to discuss your vision and any engagement photos. It ensures you won’t have to compromise on your choice of photographer due to last-minute availability issues.

How Do I Choose A Photographer For My Wedding At Birtsmorton Court?

When choosing a wedding photographer, first identify your preferred style (like traditional, photojournalistic, or fine art). Research photographers with a portfolio matching that style and read client reviews to assess their reliability. Ensure they fit within your budget, and schedule a meeting to gauge your rapport and discuss your wedding vision. Finally, carefully review their contract to clarify package details, payment terms, and cancellation policies. Choosing someone you trust and feel comfortable with is key, as they’ll be integral in capturing your special day.

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