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I love being a wedding photographer because I see that the opportunities I have for creativity are just endless! So, I wanted to write a blog to share some of my favourite creative wedding photography shots I have taken over the years.

My photography style is documentary, candid relaxed, and unobtrusive. You can check out my wedding portfolio here to get an idea of my style. However, I also like to add a little creativity to the mix, by providing couples the option of having creative wedding photographs on their big day. Many ideas start off with a conversation with my clients, some prep before the day, and then taking an image into photoshop to work a little magic! I will now share some of my favourite and most popular creative photography ideas.

1. Star Wars shot

This shot is of course inspired by Star Wars, and I find a lot of the grooms want this shot! It is simple to take, as you just need to find a good spot to take the shot. This particular image was taken at the Forest of Arden Hotel and country club in the West Midlands. I stood the couple on the edge of the golf course holding two lightsabers and then took the image into photoshop to create the sky. Such a simple, yet effective image to take!

2. Thor's hammer

I always fill my car with fun props and ideas just incase I ever need them, and my trusted Thor hammer is a popular one I always end up using. This shot was again taken at the awesome Forest of Arden Hotel and Country Club. The couple were so much fun, and to give you an idea of how much, they hired an axe throwing activity for the guests! Blue (the groom) wanted to do something creative, so we went onto the golf course and stood on the hill. With Maz (bride) standing next to Blue, I handed him the Thor hammer, took the shot and here is the final result.

3. Fun with Dinosaurs!

Always a fun shot to create! There are some great opportunities to include animals, dinosaurs, monsters, whatever you want thanks to photoshop. One of the best is when people use dinosaurs. With this one here, Gemma the bride was a fan of Toy Story, so I created this shot of Rex for her. Gemma's wedding was at the beautiful RedHouse Barn, and can be viewed here Worcester wedding Photography

4. Space hoppers

Space hoppers are awesome! I usually have these in my car ready to be blown up for use. The best time to get these out is during the moments between reception and the evening turn around. They are so much fun to be used for guests, and they are great for creative wedding photography!

5. Parachute fun!

Something else I like to bring along, especially during the summer wedding season. They are fantastic fun to have around and again, something great to use for guests as they are spending time between the reception and evening turnaround. This shot here was taken as a wedding at the beautiful Wootton Park in the West Midlands.

6. Game of Thrones!

A little bit different, very authentic and I just love doing shots like this! I took these images at the fabulous Rowton Castle in Shropshire. The bride and groom were Game of Throne fans, and approached me with the idea to create some shots with this theme in mind. These shots were so much fund to take! Can you spot the night king?

7. The Bus shot

This couple were married in Worcester and had their reception and evening at the beautiful Crown and Sandy's in Ombersley. I knew they were transporting their guests from the church to the venue in an old West Midlands bus. They then parked it up outside and left it for some photos. There were so many different ideas going around in my head as to what would be a great shot to take. In the end, we agreed that Charlie (the bride) would sit in the drivers seat and pretend to drive! I am so happy with the end result.

8. Fun with Umbrellas

There is some much you can do with umbrellas and not just when its raining! Here are some shots I have created in the rain and also in the sunshine. I always carry a few in my car incase an opportunity arises where an umbrella shot would be perfect.

9. The bride throw!

This is a classic creative wedding photography idea you could consider. All you need is a bride who is confident and willing to be thrown up into the air by the groomsmen! This is such a fun shot to take!

10. Off camera flash

Finally, I just wanted to share a massive creative element to my photography that I use all the time at my weddings - off camera flash. Here are some shots I have taken using this approach to give you an idea of what I can also produce for you on your big day alongside my candid, documentary styled images.


Thanks for viewing my creative wedding photography ideas blog. If you are deciding on adding a little creativity to your wedding photography and would like to add something a little bit authentic then I would really love to hear from you!

I am based in Worcestershire and work around the West Midlands area and can travel across the UK. You can contact me here to arrange a free online video consultation or just a phone call to discuss you day and your creative wedding photography requirements. ​ For an added bit of information that may interest, you visit my Wedding photography advice and tips section for more wedding tips on how to get the best wedding photos for your big day!

Thanks, Aaron.

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