Lickey Hills Engagement shoot

I had an amazing time with Jacci + Mark a few weeks ago as we had their engagement shoot at the top of the Lickey Hills in Birmingham. They are getting married at the beautiful Moxhull Hall this summer.

We used a smoke bomb, a glass prism, climbed to the top of the hills and even took part in an outdoor workout..well sort of, we walked past as the a training group were all singing "we're going to the chapel and we are going to married!" Thanks to Solja PT outdoor training the workout looked awesome!!

We started in the playground, of course!! It was an early shoot so we could have the place to ourselves, and even though it was a Saturday morning we were so lucky to be on our own for a short while and get some great fun shots in the park!

The park soon began to build with kids and families, so we moved to one of the highest points in the Lickey's. There is this lovely bench, well at least I remembered it being that way, we actually arrived to it covered in graffiti and not looking nice, so I had to improvise!

We then ventured into the forest and had some fun with a smoke bomb. Although, this one only lasted about 10 seconds for some reason so we didn't get the usual amount of time to play! So, once it ran out we found nice quiet bench to take some distant shots.

I think the theme for this engagement shoot was benches! I found this lovely one under a tree and it looked just perfect from a distance, so we took the shot. After I took the shot, I played around with a glass prism, under the tree which was so much fun to do!

Prism shots