Fine art maternity shoot

This is a short blog about a maternity shoot I did a few weeks ago with the amazing Petrina and Aaron. It was also my first attempt at fine art photography!

Fine art photography is a skill all on its own and something I have never done before, and as a wedding photographer I love to be as creative as I can and try new things! I love to push myself creatively because you never know what results you will get until you try something.

I photographed Petrina and Aaron's wedding exactly 1 year ago at the fantastic Forest of Arden hotel and we have remained good friends ever since, so when they asked me to do their maternity shoot, I wanted to make sure it was going to be memorable!

**Some shots from Petrina + Aaron's wedding (you can see more by clicking here)

The forest set up

I wanted to take a photo that was a little different, so I came up with the concept of nature and birth, and had this idea of Petrina lying against a tree to represent growth. I know it sounds a bit out there, but it gave me some great ideas and I was able to really get my teeth into what I wanted to do. To set up the shot, Cameron and I searched the forests for a decent tree that would compliment the shot perfectly. I found one that had its roots growing from outside and it was such an old tree, we knew it was the perfect one!

Petrina and Aaron arrived and we went straight to the forest. Petrina was wearing a beautiful green dress with a flower head piece she had brought along. I think it really helps to compliment the shot. Once we were at the tree, we set up our lights and created some atmosphere with fake smoke and then began shooting.

It was such an enjoyable experience and I am really please with the shots I got! Here are the final ones.

What did I learn?

You have to spend a lot of time setting but the scene before you can take the final shot.

It is also not like a normal studio shoot, because you really only get one chance to take the image.

Would I do it again?

Absolutely! I love being a wedding photographer and I always do try to bring some creativity into every wedding, however you don't get much opportunity for fine art photography. I would love to try some other ideas and experiment. I do have a long wait to go, still I am so pleased with what we got in the end.

Studio shoot

After the forest shoot we went back to the studio and took some images with a black back drop.

Video footage

Here is a video of the shoot in the forest. I loved it all and had so much fun!

Thanks again to Petrina and Aaron for hiring me to take these photos!

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Thanks for taking the time to read this blog!! Feel free to share and comment!

Take care


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