Wedding guests with their mobile devices

Lately, I am seeing more and more people using their mobile devices during weddings. In fact sometimes so many I don't know where to stand! ​I thought that this topic would make a great blog.

For some couples, they are not too fussed and see this as part of their day. I totally agree for natural shots that capturing there day as it is. We are in a digital world and thats just fine! However, there are some moments during the day where I have noticed couples would prefer to ask guests to not take photos. Below is a list of some tips that work for me and my couples.


1) Decide what images you want without guests taking photos.

It is always best to decide what you want before the day as you can contact guests with requests in advance. I find that certain moments work best without obstruction of mobiles, or other camera devices.

They are 1) Bride walking down the isle 2) First kiss 3) Signing of the register 4) Bride and groom walking up the isle 5) Cutting of the cake 6) First dance.

2) No distractions

Same as above, think about the images you don't want any distractions. Such as walking down the isle. The first dance. First kiss, etc. Or you may have other moments that you want to keep special and just have the photographer take the shot.

3) Tell your guests what you want and when.

Let your guests know in their invite cards when to not use mobile devices and to leave it to the photographer for certain times, especially during the ceremony.

4) Ask the person doing your wedding ceremony to give a message

Ask the person leading the ceremony for guests to not use their devices during the wedding. This is common practice especially during church services. However, if you are having a registrar conduct your ceremony, you couldd always ask them to give a polite notice at the beginning to not use cameras or phone until the end.

5) Let guests know when they can use their phones

If you don't want to see guests taking photos in your main shots, you can always let people know when they can use their phones and give them time to take the shots they want. e.g. after the photographer has taken the shot, they can snap away!

6) Photographer takes the first shots

Ask the photographer to take the first shots of important photos and to then allow guests to take photos afterwards. This works well if there a lot of guests who want to take photos. I usually come in first to take the important ones and then get out of the way so guests can take their shots.

7) Taking photos of people taking photos can look great!

Personally, I love to take photos of guests using their phones, it is a small part of the whole day, and I can get some great shots! Here are some examples:

I hope you like the tips, and if you have any of your own, feel free to leave a comment below!



(Principal Photographer for Incircles Photography)

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