John and Sharlene engagement shoot

I have just finished an amazing shoot with John and Sharlene. They are getting married at the Forest of Arden Hotel in Meriden and I wanted to share this shoot as an example of what goes on at one of our pre wedding (engagement shoots)

An average shoot lasts around 2 hours and is either in the studio or on a location. Some clients like to do both and this is what happened today.

Here are some shots from the shoot, beginning in the studio.

The engagement ring.

It is such an important part to the engagement shoot and I always have to get it in some images. I don't do close ups during these shoots as that is left for the wedding where I can mix the engagement and wedding rings together. Here are some images with the ring as the key focus.

In the next shot, I gave some attention to John. The aim was to focus on John and for Sharlene to blend into the image. I again used my 50mm at f1.2, ISO 250, 1,200secs

My usual set up

1 white backdrop, two Elinchrom D-lites studio lights, battery led lights,

Canon 5D markIII, 50mm f1.2, 16-35mm f2.8, 24-70mm f2.8

The Silhouette.

This is a simple yet effective shot to take. I first positioned John and Sharlene facing each other. We spent some time positioned them to get the shape just right and I think we nailed it!

I then underexposed for the ambient light in camera until I could not see anything at all, and set one single light facing away from them onto the backdrop at full power. This bleaches out the background and creates the silhouette effect. I took the shot with my 50mm at f7, ISO 50, 1,200secs

The Bokeh shot

In this shot I again used my studio lights at full power to bleach out the background. I took the image with a 50mm at f1.2, IS050, 1,200secs and held a circle of small battery power LED lights around the lens. I focused on their noses and disabled the auto focus so it would not get confused with the lights in front. The lights were also a soft yellow, so I did not have to do anything to the image in photoshop. This is how it came out of the camera.

The glass ball

I purchased the glass ball a few weeks ago on amazon (click here for the link to the ball). I knew what I wanted to do with this and it was such a simple image to take. Sharlene held the ball above her and I took the image from behind. I used my studio lights places either side of John, both at 1/2 power. John is actually jumping in the air so I had to make sure my shutter was fast. To take the shoot I used my 50mm at f5, ISO150, 1,200secs.

Here are some other shots from the shoot.

I had such an amazing time shooting with John and Sharlene and I can't wait now for their wedding at the Forest of Arden in March, it is going to be amazing! Another reason for doing an engagement shoot is that now I can pose them during the wedding and they will know exactly what to do and how I will be as their photographer.

Having a pre shoot is so beneficial to both myself and my clients. To find out more about pre wedding shoots check out my tops tips in the blog '5 reasons to have a pre wedding shoot'.

Thanks for reading this post and please feel free to comment and subscribe to my website!

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