5 great reasons to have a pre wedding shoot!

We believe that pre wedding (engagement shoots) are one of the most important parts of any wedding photography. If you can afford to add a pre wedding shoot to your wedding package then you will not regret it and I hope this blog will show you why I think this.​​

5 reasons

1) Get to know your photographer

A photographer is such an important part of your wedding day and will most likely be the person you see the most out of any one else apart from your partner! It is so beneficial if you can to get to know your photographer before your big day and a wedding pre shoot is a great way of doing this.

2) Meet in the middle

Most wedding photographers are booked at least 1-2 years before the wedding day. I personally think it is so important to do a pre wedding shoot about half way through because it gives clients a chance to get to know their photographer and to see how they work way before the wedding day. It is also a way to begin the relationship with your photographer.

3) Dealing with any photo anxiety

Pre wedding shoots most definitely break the ice and relieve any nerves or anxieties a client may have about photos being taken. I have worked with so many couples who find the process of having a photo taken really difficult. I even find it hard myself, so I totally understand those anxieties. What I see is that after the pre shoot a clients confidence will grow and they will be more at ease during the day of their wedding because they know you will calm them down and that you understand how they may be feeling.

4) Time to shine!

I love pre wedding shoots because it gives the photographer a chance to shine! I can show clients how I work and what I can do. During a pre wedding shoot I can be as creative as I want, taking them to fantastic locations and impressing them with my style of photography!

5) Learn those poses

During a pre wedding shoot, it is a really good time for a photographer to teach clients any set poses they may want to use on the wedding day. For example, once a client learns how to do a close pose, or a lovers lift, then at the wedding they will know straight away what you mean when you ask them for that specific pose. It also again builds confidence in your client as they will already be familiar and comfortable and will know what you want when you ask for that 'pose' you did on the pre wedding shoot.

A pre wedding shoot example

My pre wedding shoots are mainly in two separate parts. 1) Location shoot and 2) Studio shoot. I will take my clients first to a location for a couple of hours and then take them to our studio for some white/black backdrop images. This way works best for me and gives me more scope to be creative and get the images I want. Let me show you a recent example.

I worked with Aaron and Petrina on their pre wedding shoot in Worcestershire. I had met them previously when they booked me for their wedding where we discussed the pre wedding shoot. They agreed it was a good thing to do and a great way for us to get to know each other. We had decided on a date and the shoot was booked in.

We began our session at a secret location in Worcester. I love this part of the job as I am always pushing myself to find interesting locations and places where we can be left to create shots we want to achieve. My general rule of thumb is to try and use a different location for each client.

A pre wedding shoot is such an important part of wedding photography. Doing a pre wedding shoot really brings everything together and helps both the client and the photographer to work from the same page, to know what each other is thinking and to help make sure that the images produced on the wedding day are the best they can possibly be.

For me a pre wedding shoot is not merely an extra thing added on to a wedding package, it is a vital component to one. It really does help to make a wedding day the best it can be!

Thanks for reading, and please share with any of your friends or family who are getting married and looking for a photographer!

Finally, I would love your feedback on what you think of this blog? Have you had any experience with pre wedding shoots?

Take care,


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