The Wedding I will always remember as 'the one with the big red tractor!'

Amy and Matt's wedding was absolutely amazing! It had everything I could wish for as a West Midlands Wedding Photographer! An old traditional church, amazing family and friends, loads of great places to photograph, and to top it off a big red tractor owned by the father of the bride, Roger who informed me how much a tractor can cost and they are not cheap!

A big red tractor parked outside a farm!

Wedding preparation time!

Amy and Matt hired Incircles to photograph and film their big day so I was thrilled to work again alongside my second photographer Neil. We started the shoot at Amy's house and as I pulled up in the car, I knew right then this was going to be a great wedding! There were white balloons all the way up the drive and as I turned in I could see the massive red tractor dominantly positioned outside the house, ready for Roger to have his requested photo of himself and his daughter outside just before she goes to the church. Here are a few shots from the morning. This wedding is a great example of the benefits to having a second photographer! Here is an example of images we took during prep time.

A beautiful Berkswell Church wedding

The church at Berkswell was beautiful, packed to the brim with Amy and Matt's family and friends all full of smiles and laughter! The vicar was hilarious and made so many jokes he just helped everybody feel at ease. the cermeony seemed to go so fast because so much was packed into the service and it was just a brilliant from start to finish. Here are some shots from the service. Check out those awesome Confetti shots! Thanks Neil!

Forest of Arden Wedding

After the ceremony we got into our cars and drove to the Forest of Arden where they were having the rest of their wedding day. There were over 100 people at the wedding so Neil and I knew we were going to be really busy! We had our tried and tested plan so all was ok! He took on the task of doing what he does best - taking pictures of all the guests while I focused on doing the filming and taking photos of Amy and Matt. The Arden Suite at the Forest of Arden was also beautifully decorated by Bees Nees and looked amazing! So, I also quickly photographed the detail shots before all the guests sat down to eat.

We were all building up for the big speech from Roger in the Arden Suite at the Forest of Arden. I was told it was going to be long so I set both my cameras up and I was ready it was a great speech and I think he managed 50 minutes which was slightly less than what people were expecting! He was everything you need in a dad's speech! He was funny, made people laugh, and cry. It was a great speech, well done Roger!. Then Matt gave his groom speech which was just as emotional and I'm sure Amy loved every moment of it because it was all about her and we could clearly see how much he adored his new wife! Then his two best men were the icing on the speeches cake. They were hilarious!, and you could see clearly how much they respected Matt and Amy.

Forest of Arden Wedding

After the speeches, I was able to go out very quickly onto the golf course as the sun was setting ready for the live band and DJ to begin. We went out onto the grass verge on the gold course, and it was just brilliant and Amy and Matt told me they really appreciated this short time alone. I always try to do this just before the evening kicks off especially at the Forest of Arden because I feel that couples like to have this little moment 20 minutes on their own just walking around having photos taken. I was even able to get the drone up just to get some filming for the highlight film.

After the outside couples shoot, we quickly went to the reception area which is absolutely my favourite place to shoot at the Forest as it is full of little gems where you can take photos that will just absolutely blow people away and the reception area is always somewhere I like to spend some time. After this, we went to the Arden Suite watching as it was turned into party mode! The last thing for me to shoot was their first dance on the LED dance floor provided by the always awesome Soundkicks events. After this, I packed up my things and drove home with two samosas and a bottle of wine smiling at how great the day had been! Congratulations to Amy and Matt your guys were amazing!

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