Getting Creative at Hilton Puckrup Hall

Updated: Apr 6

Abby and Scott booked me to be their Worcestershire Wedding Photographer, way back before Covid began. So, to have an engagement shoot before their wedding in June this year was the perfect way to get excited about their big day again! We were so lucky that the weather held off, and we were able to go to all the best places I have found here to shoot. I have photographed weddings a Puckrup over the years and have enjoyed it every time! The place just has a special vibe about it, and I always feel welcomed by the staff there.

Puckrup Hall Wedding Photography
Worcestershire Wedding Photography

Getting creative with lighting

At Puckrup there is a lovely bar that has so many opportunities for photographs. The first shot I wanted to do was in this bar area where there was a mirror placed perfectly in between two lights on the wall. I always use offer camera lighting to be able to create better images. For this one I used a Magmod snoot, on a flashlight and under exposed the ambient light to get the final shot. Here is a before and after of the final image.

The beautiful grounds of Puckrup Hall

Puckrup Hall is a beautiful place to shoot and a great venue get married at! There are so many opportunities such as the bridge, the main reception area and the lovely White House. Here are some shots to give you an idea of what I mean. This hole shoot only took 40 minutes, and I had so much fn with Abby and Scott! I can't wait for their wedding now in June! Thanks guys for hiring Incircles Photography to be your Worcester Wedding Photographer!

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