A Ragley Hall Wedding extravaganza!

Someit and Raveen's Ragley Hall Wedding was just spectacular in every way! It had it all, a stunning venue, packed with family and friends from all across the world, an awesome Bollywood singer, amazing outdoor street food, a cocktail bar, gorgeous decorations, and two of the most lovely people I have ever had the privilege of photographing! Thank you Someit and Raveen for hiring me as your Worcestershire Wedding Photographer. I had a blast!

Bridal Preparation at Ragley Hall.

Raveen arrived first and she was mostly ready, apart from getting in her dress. She prepared for her big moment downstairs in the bridal room. This was just a perfect place to get ready nd have some shots taken. Ragley Hall have designed this room perfectly. Just what I needed to get some great shots of Raveen.

The bride and her Bridesmaids.

I then shot Raveen and her bridal party. I was working with another photographer on this wedding as it was just such a massive event to cover. His name is Grimmy West, and he is an awesome photographer. It was my first time working with Grimmy, and I can't wait for the next one to come around soon! There was also a massive videography team organised by Bill Kooner. Bill was also great to work with, and I enjoyed talking to him about filming! We worked really well together, and we made sure we got all the shots that Someit and Raveen wanted. Here are some images I took in the downstairs area of Ragley Hall.

Groom shots before his big moment

Someit then arrived, and was buzzing with excitement! Beforewe took the first reveal shots, I was able to go outside with him to and grab some quick portraits before he saw Raveen for the first time in her beautiful dress.

The first look shot

Someit was so excited to see Raveen, and I wanted their first look to be perfect. At Ragley Hall they have so many amazing places to photograph, and I chose their big entrance doors to do this shot. I think it worked really well as a first look!

Ragley Hall Wedding Ceremony

It was almost time for their big moment, and as Someit and Raveen went to meet the registrars to do their formal stuff, I was able to get some shots of the stunning ceremony room. Ragley Halls big hall is just one of the most beautiful settings for a wedding in the West Midlands! Here are some shots before it all began, and a couple from the ceremony. The room was decorated by the super talented Solihull Wedding creations, and they did a fantastic job. The room looked beautiful.

Let's get the party started!

It was a scorcher of a day, and after the ceremony everybody went outside into the lovley gardens of Ragley Hall. I just loved how well set up the whole day was and Cathie and her wedding team at Ragley Hall were amazing and so well organised. They had it all in control and the day ran so smoothly. It was a joy to work alongside their team, and I cant wait to do it again in the near future! The dancing started straight away, and the drinks began flowing. The street food was filling everyone up nicely, and I even managed to grab some noodles and a cheeky Mojito! Here are some shots from the afternoon party.

A stunning Ragley Hall Wedding

Someit and Raveen had created the perfect wedding and I feel so honoured to have been a part of their big day, and to be their Ragley Hall Wedding Photographer. I was so buzzing about this wedding that I had to share these images as soon as possible! Here a few some sneak peek shots from the rest of the day.

I can highly recommend Ragley Hall as a place to get married. It is simply stunning and well worth a visit if you are considered a venue that has it all! I am sure Cathie and her team would love to hear from you!


​Thanks for reading Someit and Raveen's wedding blog! If you are getting married at Ragley Hall, or even somewhere else in Worcestershire or the West Midlands, then I would really love to hear from you! You can contact me here to arrange a free online consultation or just arrange a phone call to discuss you day and your wedding photography requirements. ​

Thanks, Aaron.

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